TC Software Updates - BOOK TRIMMERS


The software downloads on this page are for TC BOOK TRIMMERS ONLY! Use ONLY if your model is listed below.


Applicable Models:




Note: Perform a software update only if you are having trouble with your current version of software.

Newest Release:
Past Releases:



Update instructions:

  1. Insert a USB flash drive (such as the one supplied with your TC model trimmer) into your computer and create (or locate if exists) a folder called "CMC".
  2. In the CMC folder, create (or locate if exists) a folder called "update".
  3. The "update" folder MUST NOT contain any files with the ".mot" extension. All ".mot" files must be removed or renamed to a different file extension in order for the update to work properly.
  4. Download the desired software file from this page by clicking the appropriate "download" button, then move the newly downloaded ".mot" file into the "update" folder. Alternatively, it may be easier to right click on the appropriate download button and choose "save link as", "save target as", or "download linked file as" (depending on your browser), then locate and select the "update" folder as the destination.
  5. When finished downloading, the file and path should be something like this:
    (usb_drive):\CMC\update\EE3400_xx-xx-xxxx.mot IMPORTANT! There must be ONLY ONE ".mot" file in the "update" folder in order for the update to work properly.
  6. Turn OFF the power to the machine being updated.
  7. With the machine's power turned OFF, insert the USB flash drive containing the new software file into the USB port on the front panel of the machine.
  8. Switch the machine power ON.
  9. Press the "Setup" button then click on the "Service Info" tab.
  10. Click inside the "Enable Tab Code" text box and when the keyboard pops up, enter the code: 6125 then press ENTER.
  11. Select the "Options & Updates" tab.
  12. The EE3400_xx-xx-xxxx.mot filename of the file downloaded earlier should be displayed under the progress bar.
  13. Press the "Load Software" button and wait for the progress bar to turn 100% green.
  14. Press the "Program Flash" button. After about 1 to 3 minutes the machine will automatically reboot and be ready for use. IMPORTANT! DO NOT TURN OFF POWER DURING THE PROGRAM FLASH PROCESS! If power is lost during this process, the flash programming could fail and the display assembly will have to be sent to Challenge Machinery to be reset.





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