Challenge Products

Since Challenge first started making guillotine paper cutters in 1887, Challenge has been recognized as the leader in applying technology in innovative ways in the development of products for print finishing operations, both for traditional print processes and for digital printing applications.

Challenge Paper Cutters

Champion 305Our current line of paper cutters continue the long legacy of Challenge safety, productivity, innovation, and durability.

Challenge Book Trimmers


Designed for the expanding digital print environment, these machines incorporate an industry-exclusive modularity.

Challenge Paper Drills

MS10We've drawn on over 80 years of experience to offer superior paper drilling products for most any need.

Challenge Cornering Machines

SCM We have the perfect solution for your production-level round cornering requirements.

Challenge Paper Joggers

iJOGChallenge manufactures a wide range of paper jogging solutions for small offices to large commercial bindery environments.

Challenge Padding Presses

Paddy WagonSolutions available for both high and low volume padding needs.

Handling Products

PakRakSafely and easily move stock around with mobile stock carts.






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