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It all began in September of 1870, when an electrotype foundry was established in Chicago to produce cuts for letterpress printing. It was founded under the name of Shniedewend & Lee.

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The young company would have been wiped out by the disastrous Chicago fire had it not been for the quick thinking of partner James Lee and a foundry foreman.   The two men loaded master electrotype cuts and important books and papers onto a horse drawn wagon and drove it to safety in the knee deep waters of Lake Michigan. Two weeks later, the firm reopened in a barn and in 1873, Shniedewend & Lee moved into larger quarters and opened a store for the wholesale and retail sale of printing machines, printer's supplies, and foundry type.

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The original paper cutter factory established.

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Shniedewend & Lee Company was reorganized as the Challenge Machinery Company and produced the first Challenge paper cutter.

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The growing company moved to Grand Haven, Michigan across the same Great Lake whose water helped save the company over 33 years earlier.

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A foundry was added fulfilling a Lee family ambition to begin with raw material and produce a finished product, all under one roof. By this point in its history, it was clear that Challenge had become an important name in the printing equipment industry.

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